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HVAC Metro West MA

HVAC Metro West MA

Indications That Your HVAC In Metro West MA Needs an Upgrade

The amount of industrial facilities and commercial properties in the United States according to the Department of Energy is close to 6 million. The HVAC system is profitable and energy efficient for any commercial structures, e.g. a warehouse, business center, factory or a hotel. A well-functioning HVAC helps in keeping leaseholders satisfied as well as retaining tenants.

Upgrading your HVAC in Metro West MA is a necessity in order to keep up to date with the latest technology. This has a lot of benefits such as energy efficiency, durability, cost savings etc. Here are some indications that the time to upgrade your HVAC unit has arrived.

Equipment failing

Some commercial buildings have spent more than the required amount of years with the same HVAC systems. Normally, most systems are not designed to be in use for more than 30 years. The older the HVAC system, the higher the total cost of downtime, repairs and maintenance. In adverse cases, the commercial buildings may lose its tenants due to complaints about poor or lack of service as the system wears out.

Insufficient or Poor Indoor Air Quality

If the commercial building occupants are complaining about increased asthma attacks, respiratory problems, dizziness and even some illnesses such as legionnaires disease, then, there is need to upgrade the HVAC units in the building. Sick building syndrome threatens the health conditions of tenants and the productivity of employees, these makes it a major concern. All these problems and threats can be minimized by installing new HVAC in Metro West MA systems which improves air distribution, ventilation rates and air filtration.

Major Renovations

There may be need to install an improved or upgraded HVAC in Metro West MA system if a building is being rehabbed for a whole new form of commercial activity or is generally being expanded. Healthy building rules demands that a required amount of airflow per building occupant is required. HVAC systems that cannot meet up with this requirement must be replaced completely with a new system that is larger or the current one must be enhanced with extra equipment. Due to critical electronics installed in some commercial centers such as data centers, larger cooling systems are required to maintain their efficiency.

Increase in Energy Cost

There has been a steady rise of energy costs. As efficiency regulations becomes more strict, energy cost is expected to increase as well. According to the United States Department of Energy, 40 to 60 percent of the total energy consumption in commercial buildings goes to the HVAC systems. Latest HVAC systems are equipped with tools such as variable frequency drives, improved controls and software. These has reduced energy consumption and consequently cost due to its capacity to adjust ventilation, cooling and heating in these systems.

Occupant Complaints

Maintenance engineers can improve comfort for building occupants by upgrading HVAC system by installing “smart sensors.” This has proven to minimize energy cost and use. Networks and smart sensors can improve the connectivity, performance and intelligence of security systems, safety, HVAC and lighting systems. These building automation systems are capable of recognizing and solving cool and hot spots while vacancy sensors can stop cooling or heating in areas that are not occupied.

In Conclusion

If your building is showing any of the above indications, you need to upgrade your HVAC in Metro West MA system immediately. This is a good way to avoid any emergency failure which can sometimes be difficult to fix.


HVAC Metro West MA
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