Did you know that a mini split system may be the ideal heating and cooling solution for your residential or commercial property? In essence, they provide you with the ability to control the exact temperature in individual spaces and or rooms within your home or commercial building. Mini split systems have two main parts regarding the equipment. The indoor component is a unit that handles the air called an evaporator. The outdoor component is a compressor/condenser unit. Professional HVAC experts can quickly install mini split systems without a major disturbance for the property owner and or tenants.

Mini split systems are a great heating and air conditioning solution for existing properties that need an upgrade, but do not have HVAC ducts already in place. They are also a good solution for situations where the duct work cannot be easily extended such as an addition to your residential or commercial property. In addition, mini split systems can save you a significant amount of money in new construction installation costs. Speaking of air ducts, mini split systems are energy efficient because they do not typically require any ducts.

The bottom line is that they avoid the loss of energy that occurs with forced air systems. In fact, air ducts account for approximately 30% more energy usage. For example, if the fuel bill at your house or commercial building is $500 per month, you can save upwards of $150 per month by switching over to a mini split system. That’s a significant amount of savings each and every month. In addition, if your residential or commercial property does not currently have air conditioning and you’re thinking of adding a central AC system, the duct work alone is incredibly expensive and greatly interferes with your daily life until the work is complete.

Plus it costs a lot more money in your energy bill to run the central AC system. Mini split systems are far more energy efficient when compared to individual window mounted AC units. As an added bonus, you gain your windows back, and don’t need to install the window mounted AC units in the spring or summer, uninstall them in the fall and store them throughout the winter months. That’s a lot of unnecessary back breaking work.

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